The Fun Begins

The Moran Family Vacation in Martha’s Vineyard began on July 2nd with a quick stop in Boston at the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel. We (John, Tracey, Chris and his two friend Luc and Tristan) packed into the truck with 4 bikes, 3 pillows, a mountain of food, 4 fishing poles and various fishing gear I can’t describe, and a small amount of clothes. I am really glad we are traveling with teenage boys–they travel light.

We arrived at the hotel around 1:30 and unpacked and secured items listed above. After some time in the gym and a little rest, we headed out to the North End for an Italian meal.

Tristan settling in for R & R before dinner.

Tristan settling in for R & R before dinner.

The trip to the North End was an adventure that began with trying to find the perfect Italian meal. At the third place, I spoke to a man outside his restaurant who looked like an older Tony Soprano. He said if we didn’t like it, he would pay. My first thought? This has to be good and I corralled the trooops to join me. In we went and ordered. As the antepasto arrived, Tristan looked up a review for the restaurant. “Oh no, this gets 1 1/2 stars — they say the antepasto is nothing more than ice berg lettuce with 2 slices of salami.” As he said that, ours arrived and guess what, it was nothing more than…well you know the drill.

Anyway, the meals arrived, my sausage was uncooked and the pasta overdone. We left enjoying the comraderie of the poor restaurant choice and Tristan’s entertainment from his iPhone.  I passed the owner on the way out, the man who lured us in at the start. I did not dare complain about the meal, I have watched way too many Godfather movies.

Things picked up after the meal when we stopped at Modern Bakery for Italian pastries. YUMMIE place–eclairs, fruit tarts, carrot cake.We got boxes of treats and headed back to the hotel.

Nothing like a canoli to turn a meal around.

Nothing like a canoli to turn a meal around.

And then the best of all, we decided to walk back to the hotel, estimated to be a 35 minute walk. The problem? We didn’t know how to get there. So as I went to ask to youngmen on bike rikshas, they offered us a ride –“pay what ever you feel is fair.” That sounded good so we loaded into the two rikshas and off we went, Modern Pastry boxes in tow.

Riksha ride in Boston. Huh?

Riksha ride in Boston. Huh?

We arrive at the hotel after a really fun ride and conversation with the driver. We all hop out and Chris is offering up our treats as a tip.

Goodbye Eclairs.

Goodbye Eclairs.

We turn in for the night and prepare for our early departure to Woods Hole to catch the 9:30 ferry so the vacation can really begin.

Goodbye Boston, MV here we come!

Goodbye Boston, MV here we come!


2 Responses to “The Fun Begins”

  1. katherine Says:

    this is so great, tracey!! really funny. especially the part about LEAVING the terrible restaurant and not daring to ask tony soprano for a rebate! this is so funny, and i will be a devoted fan of your travel blog, so keep up the great work! it looks like great fun! love to all of you, even my little tristan!

  2. Paul Arthaud Says:

    what terrific details. love the story of the Italian restaurant … sounds so much like little italy in nyc. just talked to tristan (4th/july) while he was standing in shallow water (can hear the water lapping the shore) awaiting the fireworks spectacular. hope you all are having so much fun. xo john, tracy, chris, tristan and luke.

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