Fish Tales

For me, a week on Martha’s Vineyard is all about the beach and good books. This is not the case for others on the trip who like to intersperse a whole lot of fishing into time spent on the beach. Since Martha’s Vineyard is an island, this is easy to accommodate.

July 9th started much like any other this week. John and I waited for the boys to emerge from the hole. I am embarrassed to show this, but this is reality blogging:

Pathway of "clean clothes" leading to sleeping spot.

Pathway of "clean clothes" leading to sleeping spot.

Once again it was a sunny beach day and we headed out for a swim. Despite all of our efforts at hustling the crew, we arrived around 1:00 — it takes time to get organized, slathered with sunscreen, fed with bacon egg and cheeses sandwiches, and all of the general tom foolery that is part of being 14.  While at the beach, Luke, who may someday be a great archaeologist or marine biologist, found Adam’s rib, or a whale’s rib, he wasn’t sure.

Watch the Discovery Channel for details on "The Rib."

Watch the Discovery Channel for details on "The Rib."

A few hours later a plan was hatched for the rest of the day. Major trip learning: break all activities into short time spans. 14 year old boys are good for 2 hours max at any one thing ( except for watching tv and getting on the computer, timeless). The plan was to go to the Vineyard Haven Street Fair until 8 and then return for the night fishing trip to Lobsterville. With a name like Lobsterville, there has to be fish, right? Right.

We returned home from the beach, everyone showered and then the boys piled into the truck for a quick trip to Larry’s Bait Shop. I think Larry has seen more of John than I have over the past week. They returned home with eels. Ick.

I took the boys to the street fair and once we arrived, I never saw them again for, you guessed it, 2 hours, when it was time to go home for the fishing excursion. The fair was fun, lots of people, vendors, food, and music. I think there were also lots of teenage girls, which is why I was persona non grata.

They left, I read and went to sleep when all of a sudden I heard, “Mom, Mom, get the camera…Luke caught a fish.” And did he ever–a 36″ striped bass, a prized catch, and dinner for 5 tonight.

Luke caught The Big One!!!

Luke caught The Big One!!!

It just doesn’t get any better than this, and that is no fish tale!


One Response to “Fish Tales”

  1. paul Says:


    you’re an angel. you really are. your descriptions are so dead on. john must be having fun too … being 14 again! lmao. i wish i were there. NICE FISH LUKE!!!!!

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