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Got to Love Normal

July 30, 2010

The blog effort has been sub par — still suffering from the computer-a-phobia.

I think I am going to move from chronological to a “highlights” review. The highlights are all about normal, and pretty much revolve around food. Food has been the theme for good living this week. For instance, the house smells like bacon cooking (it is 10:08 am and my way of trying to get the boys to get out of bed). I just cooked a coconut cream pie for Tristan — it is his birthday request, which is on Sunday. This is a test pie for today, if acceptable, I have the ingredients ready for the real meal deal.

The food diary: Oak Bluffs Pizza. That happened Monday night.

Pizza in Oak Bluffs and John's finger..

Next daily food occurrence: Tomato, basil, mozzarella salad. They called for it, I made it. It disappeared. It was like magic. They could take that show on the road. The three handsome eating machines.

Here today, gone today.

And not to be missed, the annual mecca to Menemsha. This year we tried the local fish store –it got a plug in the paper as a great place for lobster rolls, chowder etc. We tried it. the best part was the “seating” out back. 2″x6″ boards on cinderblocks against the wall of the building, next to the dock. Really cool — sitting next to the fishing boats where the fish came in. See below:

Waiting for the lobster rolls...

And the big draw…the sunset.

Goodnight sun.