Traveling with Teenagers…Pure Joy

Sometimes you have to just jump in. Like when you are standing at the beach and 68 degree water is splashing up at you. Or when it is time to exercise or, yes…write the BLOG!!! Here goes. I delayed all week but everyday someone has asked me when I was going to do the blog.  First my apologies to my readers (all three of you…and you know who you are Katherine, Paul and Millie) for not getting at this earlier. I had a case of computer-a-phobia.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Saturday night in Boston — the big event was dinner in the North End. We decided to take the T into Boston, our hotel was in South Boston so we thought this would add to the adventure.

They fit right in...waiting for the train.

We arrived safely, but everyone agreed, we were taking a cab back to the hotel! Once in the North End we started poking around for the right place — so many choices. We finally settled on the restaurant across the street from last year’s disaster and had a great meal. We all saved room for the next stop: Modern Pastry.

Lobstertails, canollis, name it, we ate it.

Fast forward to Sunday and we are at the ferry waiting for the boat.

The long wait for the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.

We arrived in MV around noon but couldn’t get into the house until 3:00. John was our hero and dropped us off at the beach while he went to get the key and unpacked the truck. The weather was perfect and the boys stayed in the ocean and pond for 4 hours. A great start to the week for us, a little tough on  John.

One of the big events each night has been the making and eating of the tomato, basil, mozzarella salad. It started in the North End and continued daily.

"Mom...make the salad, we're hungry."

On the subject of food: I should have realized the significant role food would play on this trip when a man on the ferry looked at the three boys and commented to his friend, “I wouldn’t want to have their grocery bill this week.”  They sure don’t eat like girls! It isn’t a quantity thing, it is keeping them on a continual feed that is important. One drop in blood sugar and the delicate balance can be thrown way out of whack. So far, so good.


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